How good is the learning?

Wherever you see our Learning Destination logo you can be sure that the learning is good. With the support of Professor John MacBeath of the University of Cambridge, the CU Trust has developed a unique and innovative framework for quality assuring all CU learning. The process is developed through Planning for Learning which sets out a rigorous process of self-evaluation for all our learning providers.

The process is completed in partnership with an accredited validator, usually from the local CU. Learning providers are validated for a defined period and may add additional activities as their programmes develop. It is important to note that the CU Trust validates the learning offered by each provider. The providers themselves retain complete responsibility for all matters relating to public liability. Learning providers are designated as either restricted Learning Destinations, if they are a school and only accessed by the school's pupils, or public Learning Destinations, if they are available to all.

Once the validation process has been completed and the outcomes agreed, public Learning Destinations are published on the Children's University Trust website.  Children and parents can then access a growing bank of public Learning Destinations to visit after school, during the school holidays or at weekends. Information on restricted Learning Destinations is only available through the child's school.