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Kent Children's University Pupil and Parent Ambassadors

A message from one of our Pupil Ambassadors, Ellie

"I got involved with KCU because my school had an assembly and was taking people who would like to join on a trip to the Hop Farm.

I have really enjoyed being involved with KCU and it has definitely changed my life.  I would be bored when I was on a school holiday because I am a person who likes to do things and not just sit in front of the TV.  I also really like collecting stuff so filling up my passport is really exciting. My Mum doesn't like me collecting bags of stuff so I keep all the packs that I do in my scrapbooks which I am really pleased I did so I can look back at what I have done.

Now I am an Ambassador, I am going to try and encourage more people to join because it is really fun.  Now I am at secondary school, I plan to tell even more people about it.

I would say that KCU is learning in a fun way and really helps with many subjects in school especially history (but that is my opinion).  KCU has really changed how I look at all my subjects so thank you KCU!"





A message from one of our Pupil Ambassadors, Rose



A message from one of our Parent Ambassadors, Anna

"I was really surprised at the invitation to become a Parent Ambassador because I had not given much thought to our involvement in Ellie's journey with KCU.  However, I see now that as parents, we provide the pieces of the puzzle necessary for achievement.

KCU is evolving before our eyes and I am excited to see how it will grow over the coming year.  I hope that as a Parent Ambassador, I can be part of this growth and I offer my wholehearted support to KCU."





A message from one of our Parent Ambassadors, James

"As parents we all have busy lives and our family is no different.  Work commitments mean that we have not had the opportunity to enjoy the typical family summer holiday breaks.  Therefore, we have tended to substitute this by cramming in as much fun as possible on our days off.

Since finding out about the KCU scheme, it has become an integral part of our school holiday planning and I have visited places that I myself would never have thought about going to see.  For me, it is not just enjoyable to see my child gaining experiences from the learning activities, but more importantly to spend time with here, discovering the new place together.

As a Parent Ambassador, I hope that I am able to find opportunities to support this worthwhile scheme which has helped to shape our family's memories over the past few years."