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Children's University 'Learning Destinations' are what we call places, events, organisations and activities which children can decide independently to visit in order to take part in a recognised learning activity.

All Learning Destinations have passed the Children's University's own Quality Assurance (Validation) process. 

Learning Destinations can issue Learning Credits to the children's "Passport to Learning" when they visit them and take part in activities. Children collect the Learning Credits, which build up to national certification levels of participation that are presented at a Graduation ceremonies.


Earn Learning Credits at at whole host of Learning Destinations!

Learning Destinations include museums and airports, exhibitions and libraries, after-school sports and clubs. They provide high quality learning activities and experiences with a 'wow' factor and have passed the Children's University's own quality assurance process (Planning for Learning). As long as the Learning Destination has been Validated by the Children's University it will have some publicity with the official logo, and a stamp with which to credit a child's Passport to Learning.

Validated Learning Destinations will use the Passport to Learning image to show that it has been Quality Assured by the local or national Children's Unviersity: 



Learning Destinations across the country are added to the National Children's University website

If you would like to recommend a potential Learning Destination, please complete this Recommendation Form and return it to us!  It helps us to broker introductions with new organisations.


How do I become a Learning Destination?

If your organisation can offer a potential learning opportunity for the Children's University, please contact Kent Children's University in the first instance.