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How do I use my Passport to Learning?

Why do I need a Passport To Learning?
Your Passport To Learning shows that you are a member of the Children's University™. You can use your Passport To Learning to record all of the CU Learning Activities that you take part in at CU Learning Destinations.


Where can I use my Passport to Learning?

Some of the hours you collect will be for CU Learning Activities you do at school and some of the hours you collect will be for visits to Public CU Learning Destinations.  Most CU Learning Destinations display our Learning Destination sticker or poster.  Remember, you can only use your Passport To Learning at CU Learning Destinations. You can find details of Public Learning Destinations on our website.

Why do I need to use my Passport To Learning?
You use your Passport To Learning to collect evidence of the hours of learning you have completed whilst working towards a CU Certificate. These will be presented at a CU Graduation Ceremony.

How do I collect hours in my Passport To Learning?

Take your Passport To Learning with you to each CU Learning Activity you attend. The activity leader will fill in your Passport To Learning to show you have taken part:




How many hours do I need for a CU Certificate?

If you look inside your Passport To Learning, you will see that you can work through lots of CU Award levels. Starting with your Bronze Award for 30 hours of CU Activities, up to your Gold Fellowship Award for 1,000 hours. Your 30 hours Bronze Award can be awarded for one or more activities but after that you should have at least 5 hours of learning something new for the Silver level and then 10 hours of something new for your Gold and all other Awards over 100 hours.

What is the back of my Passport To Learning for?

This part of your Passport To Learning is for you to record your 'Moments to be Proud Of' - this is where you can show-and-tell what you have enjoyed most on your Children's University learning journey. 


What if I have filled up fill my Passport To Learning?
When your Passport To Learning is full, speak to your school or KCU and they will arrange for a new one to be issued to you.  There is a cost for the Passport To Learning of £5.


What happens if I lose my Passport To Learning?
If you have lost your Passport To Learning, please contact us and let us know.


Can I nominate a CU Learning Destination?
Yes. If you go somewhere you think should be a CU Learning Destination please complete our Recommendation Form and return your suggestion to us.


You can now download this information to keep in your Passport!