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How can my children earn Learning Credits with Kent Children's University?

If your child is part of Children's University already...

In order to demonstrate the activity has taken place you will need to either take photographs, write a diary, produce a scrapbook, make a film etc. to submit to Kent Children's University.  

You could use the downloaded activity sheets, learning logs, photographs, videos etc.  This list is to act as a guide/prompt and the ideas listed are not a pre-requisite to earning the Learning Credits.  You and your children can get creative when thinking about how to evidence completion of each task. 

Please only send evidence upon completing all the activities you wish to complete.

You can find out below where to send Challenge actvity evidence to. 


If your child is not part of Children's University...

Check with your child's school to see if they are running or planning to run Kent Children's University.  If not, we have a Family Membership model that you can look at and subscribe to here.

If you are not part of Kent Children's University, but would like to start earning Learning Credits, you can download a temporary Passport to Learning here.  We can always transfer them to a real Passport to Learning in the future.

The Challenge is to complete all 24 activities!  If your child completes the Challenge, they will receive an Outstanding Achievement certificate even if they are not part of Kent Children's University.


How do we collect the Learning Credits?

Once your child has completed as many of the Summer Challenge activities as they wish, you will need to post or email the completed pack and/or diary along with a letter outlining your address and child's name to either the company or KCU.  The details are above.

If sending items to KCU, please post/email them to us at:  Kent Children's University

Sessions House

County Road



ME14 1XQ


We will then post the relevant number of credits to your home address and return the completed Challenge activities to you.

For more information, please email kcu@kent.gov.uk