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2022 Winter #KCUChallenge

You can use these support materials to help your children complete the Winter #KCUChallenge.  

Please note that children and families do not need to be part of Children's University to access these materials. 


Useful documents and links


  • Here is the one-page Checklist.  You can either print or write your own viersion to share with us when you submit your child's Challenge evidence in February.


  • You do not need to print any of these materials if you do not have access to a printer.  You can write or type the checklist separately if necessary.  Should you wish to print the items, do consider using black and white.  You could also go to your local library to print selected pages (such as the checklist on page 3).


  • You can find specific links and resources to help with certain Challenge activities further down this page.




  • You can find out Home Learning resources, which might help your children complete the Summer KCU Challenge activities here.



Submitting evidence

  • Evidence could be photographs, videos, Social Action journals, Learning Logs, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations etc.  Keep an eye out for more information on our Social Media Channels.
  • Once the Challenge ends, on Friday 24th February, please return any evidence to Kent Children's University by email (preferred) via kcu@theeducationpeople.org or post to Kent Children's University, Bewl Water Outdoor Centre, Bewlbridge Lane, Lamberhurst, Kent, TN3 8JH.

  • Please only send evidence upon completion of all the activities you wish to submit.  You could make a Powerpoint, Word file or some other collated document to evidence the completed activities.  Please make sure you also submit the Record Sheet with the evidence too.

  • Original evidence will be posted back to you along with the Learning Credits and online codes (such as red1234) to add to the child's Passport to Learning under the STAMP OF APPROVAL box.

  • We would love to see what you have completed with your children so do upload any evidence to our Social Media accounts (please do not show your children in any identifiable way in the photographs)!


Specific Challenge activity support materials (not applicable for all activities)

  • Activity 1 - Take part in the Winter Mini Reading Challenge:  You can find out more about your local library Challenge here.  This link will show you how to create an online account to record progress.


  • Activity 4 - Participate in Happier January:   You can download a PDF calendar for Happier January here.  You can find all calendars here.


  • Activity 5 - Go on a walk and review the Christmas lights you see: You can create your own review template or use this version.  If you are hoping to visit a Kent tourist destination to see some Christmas lights, you can use this link for inspiration.


  • Activity 7 - Take part in The Four Days of Christmas with Rob Biddulph:  You can find the #DrawWithRob video tutorials here.  So far, The Four Days of Christmas videos have seen Rob draw a Christmas candle and a Christmas bauble.  The remaining two drawings will be added before Christmas.


  • Activity 8 - Complete some Winter Pollinator Challenge activities:  You can find out more about the Challenge here.  The specific Challenge PDF is here.


  • Activity 11 - Participate in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch (27th to 29th January 2023):  You can find out more about the Big Garden Birdwatch here and register here.


  • Activity 12 - Make some salt-dough decorations for a Christmas tree:  You can find a BBC Good Food recipe for salt-dough here.


  • Activity 13 - Complete the BSL winter word search:    The BSL fingerspelling alphabet is hereThe BSL word search is here.  You can create your own wordsearch or animation here.


  • Activity 15 - Participate in the Forestry England's Christmas family activities:  You can download the resources here.


  • Activity 16 - Take part in The Big Clean Up:  You can find out more here.


  • Activity 18 - Complete a seasonal Pawprint Badges activity: You can find the free resources to download here - Christmas and Winter.


  • Activity 19 - Conduct a winter-related science experiment: You can find out about the CREST STEM Awards here.


  • Activity 21 - Create a decoration from LEGO®: You can find some inspitation here.


  • Activity 23 - Feed the birds this winter: You can find a recipe for fat balls here.


  • Activity 24 - Take part in the National CU Trust Winter Challenge:  You can find the support materials here.



General Challenge activity support materials

  • Social Action Journal - You can use this journal to document Social Action activities such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering.  You could use the journal to help you evidence your involvement in a number of #KCUChallenge activities.  You can find out more about Social Action and our #iwll Pledge in this document too.


  • Physical Activity Log - You can use this log to record the amount of physical activity you participate in during lockdown.


  • Learning Log - If you would like to use this log to record your activities, please do but you can be creative in how you share your information with us!