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KCU Graduation Challenge

This Challenge has been devised for children who should have been attending a Graduation ceremony at the University of Kent this Summer.



 Useful documents and links




Submitting evidence

  • Evidence could be photographs and/or videos.   Please return any evidence to Kent Children's University by September 2020 via email (preferred) or post via kcu@theeducationpeople.org or Kent Children's University, Sessions House, County Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1XQ.


  • Please only send evidence upon completion of all the activities you wish to submit.  You could make a Powerpoint, Word file or some other collated document to evidence the completed activities.  Please make sure you also submit the Record Sheet with the evidence too.


Specific Challenge activity support materials (not applicable for all activities)

  • Activity 1 - Make your own mortar board and scroll:  You can find a fantastic video tutorial from our Learning Partner, Animate Arts Company, here.



  • We have some very, very special messages which have been recorded for our Children's University Graduates. Please email KCU and request the link.  They're so special we are not going to share with everybody!


  • Activity 3 -  Design and make your own Graduation invitations and programme:  You can find examples of our invitations here and our programmes here but we would like families to get as creative as possible and inspire us with a re-design.  The invitations and programmes could be made on a computer or by hand!  Let your creativity run wild.


  • Activity 4 - Plan, make an enjoy a celebratory tea:  We had special cakes made for us in the past.  Take a look at these...





  • Activity 5 - Create a Children's University Graduation collage:   There are lots of different ways to make a collage!  You could use photographs or create something like a Powerpoint!  Do share the collage with those attending your Graduation at home ceremony.


  • Activity 6 - Host your own ceremony and ask someone to take official photos:   In these unusual times we would like to create a special album of virtual graduation photographs.   We have some examples of poses below.


  • Ask your grown up to send us no more than 3 photographs of your virtual graduation ceremony; as ideas you might like to send: one of you in your homemade mortar board; one of you and your guests; and one of your celebration cakes. It's completely up to you of course. 


  • We will upload these photographs (without names, to an online gallery on our website) In submitting your images to us, you are agreeing that we can use them in this way. If you do not wish your images to be included, please let us know in the email you send to us. 


  • Throwing your mortar board in the air at the end of a Graduation Ceremony is always the most exciting part of the ceremony.  Ask one of your grown-ups to film you throwing your mortar board in the air and ask them to send the footage to us (no more than a couple of seconds please). We will then create one piece of footage that features everybody who submitted a clip.