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What is Children's University?

What is Kent Children's University?

The Children's University is an international charity that provides 5 to 14 year olds with access to exciting and innovative CU Learning activities and experiences outside the normal school day.

We celebrate achievement and reward participation through the award of Children's University certificates. Raising children's aspiration is important to us and we aim to develop the understanding that learning can be the 'satellite navigation system to better places in life'.

Any child, aged 5 to 14 years can join us and, when issued with a CU Passport To Learning, is able to take part in CU validated Learning Activitiesand experiences.   

Each hour of CU validated learning they complete brings the child closer to a Children's University graduation certificate, presented at a locally organised CU graduation ceremony. Celebrating achievement is important to us.


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

What is a CU Learning Destination and what kind of activities are CU Learning Activities?

CU Learning Destinationsare places and organisations that provide high quality CULearning Activities. CU Learning Activitiesare activities that have been quality approved by the Children's University. We validate any activity that will enable children or young people to develop skills or knowledge, as long as it relates to a subject that can be studied further in Higher Education. 


Where can a child use the Passport To Learning?

CU Passports To Learning enable children to travel to the CU Learning Destinations, both locally and (inter)nationally, collecting stamps as they go: after all, travel is what a passport is for!