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Kent's Plan Bee Pollinator Challenge 2022


Kent's Plan Bee Pollinator Challenge

You can use these support materials to help your children complete the Kent's Plan Bee Challenge.

Pollination is one of the most important and fundamental processes of the natural world. In the UK, all our pollinators are insects, such as bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, and flies. Unfortunately, many pollinator populations are decreasing in number, with the biggest impact being caused by the loss of feeding and nesting habitats.

Kent's Plan Bee is the County Council's pollinator action plan, which commits the authority to improving, where appropriate and feasible, its services and manages its estate to support pollinators in the county. It also aims to encourage local communities across Kent to do their bit to improve the food sources and general habitat for pollinators in Kent.

We can all play a role in conserving these small but vital insects, and the habitats and plant communities they depend on. This Kent County Council Children's University Pollinator Challenge provides lots of activities that contribute greatly towards this - so what will you do to help?


Plan Bee Challenge

You can find the Challenge PDF here.  Do take some time to read through the Challenge before starting with the activities.

The PDF resources contained in this Challenge can also be found here.

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Kent's Plan Bee information and resources


Information and Resources for the Pollinator Diary


Information and Resources for Planting for Pollinators


Information and Resources for Get Buzzy


We would love to see your Get Buzzy creations. Your pictures could help inspire someone else for the challenge. If you post a picture on Facebook, be sure to tag @KentChildrensUniversity and @KentsPlanBee and use #KCUBeeChallenge